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    ABSTRACT: Tumors of the so-called intrathyroidal epithelial thymoma type are a rare group of thyroid neoplasm tumors. Of this type of tumor, spindle epithelial tumor with thymus like differentiation (SETTLE) has been reported only 17 times in English literature. An 18-year-old woman was initially seen with a 6-cm left thyroid mass that was resected with a left thyroidectomy. Histopathologic features of the excised left thyroid tumor together with an immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy led us to a diagnosis of SETTLE. Most of the specimen was composed of highly cellular spindle cells that formed intersecting and streaming fascicles. The spindle cells showed both vimentin immunoreactivity and cytokeratin immunoreactivity but no immunoreactivity for thyroglobulin or calcitonin. Electron microscopic examination of the spindle cells demonstrated prominent cytoplasmic tonofilaments, desmosomes, and basal lamina consistent with epithelial cell origin. DNA content analysis by flow cytometry revealed DNA diploidy. SETTLE of thyroid gland is an extremely rare entity. A review of the literature reveals that SETTLE has distinctive morphologic features and an immunohistochemical profile.
    Head & Neck 10/2002; 24(9):888-93. · 2.83 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Clinicopathological studies were carried out on 27 patients with minimal thyroid cancer and 56 with ordinary thyroid cancer at Kanazawa University, from April, 1979 to December, 1982. There was a significant difference in the rate of preoperative diagnosis between the minimal and the ordinary cancer groups. Subtotal thyroidectomy with modified neck dissection was usually performed in both groups. The histological types in minimal cancer group included 16 papillary carcinomas, 7 nonencapsulated sclerosing carcinomas, one follicular carcinoma, one anaplastic carcinoma with squamous cell metaplasia and two multiple mixed carcinomas. There was no significant difference in the rates of intrathyroidal and lymph node metastases between the two groups. While the metastatic lesions of sclerosing carcinoma were localized to the central cervical lymph nodes, the ordinary cancer in general and the papillary variant of minimal cancer metastasized not only to the central cervical lymph nodes but also to the ipsilateral and even to the contralateral jugular lymph nodes.
    Surgery Today 14(2):110-117. · 0.96 Impact Factor