Isolation of Nitrosomonas in pure culture.

Journal of Bacteriology (Impact Factor: 2.69). 12/1958; 76(5):524-8.
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    Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences 01/2007; 9:701-704.
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    ABSTRACT: Nitrification is increasingly a concern in United States potable water distribution systems. This paper reviews research on nitrification as it relates to the ammonia levels and unique environments present in potable water distribution systems. Factors affecting nitrification occurrence, nitrification impacts on water quality and corrosion, and nitrification monitoring and control methods are emphasized. The potential role of nitrogen cycling via coupled microbial and electrochemical reactions is also described.
    Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology 02/2009; 39(3):153-208. DOI:10.1080/10643380701631739 · 3.24 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The addition of 1000 ppm sodium chloride to a small stream in order to simulate road salt loading resulted in a reduction in algal density and an increase in bacterial density on artificial substrates left in the stream over a four-week period.The scanning electron microscope was used to examine changes in the spatial pattern of organisation of the periphyton community colonising the artificial substrates. Algal diversity was lower at the salt stressed station (1·88 compared with 2·49 in week 3 and 2·61 compared with 2·91 at the end of the fourth week) while phytophagous grazers were far more abundant at the salt-free control station. These grazers increased algal diversity by preventing Cocconeis placentula (the dominant alga) from overgrowing and out-competing the other major algal species. Bacterial densities (principally Hyphomicrobium) were significantly (p < 0·05) higher at the salt-treated station while algal densities on the salt-exposed substrates were significantly lower than those on the control slides.
    Environmental Pollution (1970) 10/1978; 17(2):109-126. DOI:10.1016/0013-9327(78)90044-7