[Cancer of the testis: role of radiotherapy in 2003].

Département de radiothérapie, centre Léon-Bérard, 28, rue Laennec, 69008 Lyon, France.
Cancer/Radiothérapie (Impact Factor: 1.11). 12/2003; 7 Suppl 1:60s-69s.
Source: PubMed

ABSTRACT Germ-cell tumors of the testis are rare tumors of the young adult. Half of them are seminoma. The majority of patients have disease limited to the testis. Radiotherapy still remains the standard treatment of these patients. Almost all patients are cured by orchidectomy and radiotherapy on the lomboaortic area extended to homolateral iliac area. The dose is 24 to 30 Gy in a standard fractionation. Different studies are ongoing to reduce the irradiation field (omission of the pelvic irradiation), to decrease irradiation dose (to 20 Gy). Other treatment options are strict surveillance and adjuvant carboplatin based chemotherapy. None of these options are standard treatments. A strict attention must be directed on controlateral germ-cell tumors and second cancers.