A cybernetic approach to osteoporosis in anorexia nervosa.

Children's Hospital.
Journal of musculoskeletal & neuronal interactions (Impact Factor: 2.4). 07/2005; 5(2):155-61.
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ABSTRACT A group of 25 female individuals, who had been admitted to the University Hospital with the diagnosis of anorexia nervosa (AN) 3 to 10 years before, was seen for a follow-up visit in the hospital. These women got a psychiatric exploration to detect a present eating disorder. Moreover, parameters of the muskuloskeletal interaction were determined on the non-dominant forearm. Bone mineral content (BMC) of the radius was measured by pQCT and maximal grip force was evaluated by the use of a dynamometer. Eating disorders were present in 12 females. The mean of BMC standard deviation (SD) score was significantly reduced in comparison with reference values. Furthermore, the mean of BMC SD score was also significantly lower than the mean of grip force in SD score. These results gave the suggestion that the adaptation of bone mass to biomechanical forces is disturbed in AN. The linear regression analyses between the parameters grip force and BMC were compared between the study and the reference group. The comparison delivered a significantly lower constant in the regression equation of the study group. This result can be interpreted on the background of the mechanostat theory. The affection with an eating disorder decreases the set point in the feedback loop of bone modeling. The results offer for the first time the possibility to analyse osteoporosis in anorexic females under the paradigm of muskuloskeletal interaction.

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    ABSTRACT: In desalinization devices and some heat exchangers making use of low-quality heat energy, both the wall temperature and the heat flux of the heated tubes are generally quite low, hence cannot cause boiling in flooded-type tube bundle evaporators with a large tube spacing. But when the tube spacing is quite small, incipient boiling can occur in the restricted space and results in higher heat transfer than that in a falling-film evaporator or during pool boiling at the same heat flux. This study experimentally investigates the effects of the tube spacing, the positions of tubes, and the salt-water concentration on bundle boiling heat transfer of salt water in the restricted space of the compact tube bundle evaporator under atmospheric pressure. The experimental results provide a restricted space boiling database for salt water in the compact tube bundle. Of particular importance is information concerning the influences of the tube spacing of the tube bundle and the concentration of salt water in desalination evaporators.
    Heat Transfer Engineering 01/2001; 22(3):4-10. · 0.90 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Purpose of review: To study the relationship of muscle force and mass with bone mass and geometry in the developing skeleton of children and adolescents. Recent results over the last 10 years are discussed and Harold Frost's 'mechanostat hypothesis' is examined. Recent findings: Bone mass and geometry are related to the development of body size and muscle force in children and adolescents. Bone is therefore adapted to the tissue strain due to biomechanical forces. This process is modified by hormonal signals (estrogens and androgens). The quantifiable relationship between muscle force and bone stability can therefore be used to distinguish between primary and secondary bone diseases. Primary bone diseases are characterized by a disturbed adaptation of bone to biomechanical forces. In contrast, secondary bone diseases show a correct adaptation of bone to reduced load caused by a decline in muscle force. Summary: Our findings induced us to introduce the 'functional muscle-bone unit' into the diagnostics of pediatric bone diseases. The ratio of two parameters - bone strength and biomechanical forces - can be used to distinguish between primary and secondary bone diseases.
    Current Opinion in Orthopaedics 09/2006; 17(5):443-450.


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