[Identification of proteins interacting with adaptor protein Bam32].

Department of Microbiology, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing 400038, China.
Xi bao yu fen zi mian yi xue za zhi = Chinese journal of cellular and molecular immunology 08/2005; 21(4):432-4.
Source: PubMed

ABSTRACT To study the role of adaptor protein Bam32 in B cell antigen receptor (BCR) signaling cascades.
Using full length Bam32 as bait, yeast two-hybrid technique was used to screen the protein that could interact with Bam32. The interaction was further confirmed by co-transfection of 293T cells and coimmunoprecipitation.
Protein tyrosine kinase Lyn was one of the strong positive clones identified by the yeast two-hybrid screening. This interaction was further confirmed in 293T cells by co-transfection and coimmunoprecipitation. By using specific anti-phosphotyrosine antibody, it was found that Bam32 could be phosphorylated by Lyn.
The interaction of Bam32 with Lyn leads to Bam32 phosphorylation, which might play an important role in activating downstream signaling molecules.