[Management of pseudoarthrosis of the navicular bone of the wrist using the Synthes 3.0 screw].

Oddĕlení ortopedie, traumatologie a rekonstrukcní chirurgie, Ustrední vojenské nemocnice Praha.
Rozhledy v chirurgii: měsíčník Československé chirurgické společnosti 12/2005; 84(11):561-6.
Source: PubMed


The authors compare their results of the management of the pseudoarthrosis of the navicular bone of the wrist with those reported in the literature. The study group included 21 patients and the Synthes 3.0 mm was applied. The authors concentrate on both technical and biological aspects of the therapy, mainly on an appropriate choice of the procedure, quality of the management of the surfaces of the pseudoarthrosis and significance of correct introduction of the device. The rate of the healed pseudoarthroses reached 85.7% in their patient trial group. They conclude that the main prerequisites for a successful outcome are the biological status of the pseudoarthrosis and a thorough management of the pseudoarthrosis surfaces, rather than a type of the implant.

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