[Occurrence and morphology of some predatory fungi, amoebicidal, rotifericidal and nematodicidal, in the surface waters of Białystok region].

Zakład Biologii Og6lnej, Akademia Medyczna, ul. Kilińskiego 1, 15-089 Białystok.
Wiadomości parazytologiczne 02/2003; 49(3):281-91.
Source: PubMed


Studies concerned the occurrence of some predatory fungi in the surface waters: springs, rivers, lakes and ponds of Białystok region, collected in years 1999-2002. The following species of predatory fungi, amoebicidal, rotifericidal and nematodicidal were found: Arthrobotrys oligospora Fresenius, Zoophagus insidians Somlnestorff, Somnuerstorffia spinosa Arnaudov, Dactylaria brochopaga Drechsler, Euryancale sacciospora Dreschler and Zoopage phanera Drechsler. Physico-chemical parameters of waters in basins and water-courses did not prove important effect on existence of fungi. A little more species of predatory fungi were recorded in samples of water in early spring and late autumn.

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