The French proposal for a health identification number

Service de Biostatistique et Informatique Médicale, CHU de Dijon, BP 77908, 21079 Dijon Cedex, INSERM EMI 0106.
Studies in health technology and informatics 02/2006; 124:201-6. DOI: 10.3233/978-1-58603-647-8-201
Source: PubMed


The French ministry of Health is setting up the personal medical record (PMR or DMP for Dossier Medical Personnel in French). This innovating tool is highly expected and will be extremely useful for the therapeutic follow-up as well as for epidemiological studies on which public health policies are based. Therefore the currently planned identifying process should prevent any epidemiological use of these data. Numerous scientific organisations have alerted government powers about the threat that this impairment represents, and they wish to promote some secure procedures that exist, which have already proved their efficiency at the national and international level.

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