[From graphic charts to educational models].

Laborator biokybernetiky, Ustav patologické fyziologie 1. LF UK, Praha.
Ceskoslovenska fysiologie / Ustredni ustav biologicky 02/2007; 56(2):69-78.
Source: PubMed

ABSTRACT Thirty five years ago, A.C. Guyton at al. published a description of the large model of physiological relations in a form of a graphic chart. The authors brought this large-scale chart to life using a modern simulation tool--Matlab/Simulink. The original layout, connections and descriptions were saved in the implementation, but contrary to the old system analysis diagram, the new one is also a functional simulation model itself. Thus, the new implementation gives the user the possibility to see and study behaviour of all model's variables in time. Authors also describe the technology of development of multimedia learning simulators.

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