[Radiologic palliation of dysphagia--placement of esophageal stents under radiologic control].

Institut za radiologiju, Odeljenje za digestivne bolesti, KC Srbije, Beograd.
Acta chirurgica iugoslavica 02/2007; 54(3):149-52.
Source: PubMed


As for the gastrointestinal tract, stents are most commonly applied in the esophagus. Majority of the esophageal stents are implanted for the purpose of palliation of the inoperable malignant dysphagias, however they may also be used, although less frequently, for dilatation of the constricted anastomosis, covering of fistulas and least frequently for dilatation of the benign stenoses. Increasingly frequently the stents are used in the prepyloric gastric region, duodenal and rectosigmoid portion of the colon. The paper describes our own six-year experience in application of the gastrointestinal stents for palliation of dysphagia.

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