The globular tail domain puts on the brake to stop the ATPase cycle of myosin Va.

Departments of Physiology and Cell Biology, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA 01655, USA.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Impact Factor: 9.81). 02/2008; 105(4):1140-5. DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0709741105
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ABSTRACT Myosin Va is a well known processive motor involved in transport of organelles. A tail-inhibition model is generally accepted for the regulation of myosin Va: inhibited myosin Va is in a folded conformation such that the tail domain interacts with and inhibits myosin Va motor activity. Recent studies indicate that it is the C-terminal globular tail domain (GTD) that directly inhibits the motor activity of myosin Va. In the present study, we identified a conserved acidic residue in the motor domain (Asp-136) and two conserved basic residues in the GTD (Lys-1706 and Lys-1779) as critical residues for this regulation. Alanine mutations of these conserved charged residues not only abolished the inhibition of motor activity by the GTD but also prevented myosin Va from forming a folded conformation. We propose that Asp-136 forms ionic interactions with Lys-1706 and Lys-1779. This assignment locates the GTD-binding site in a pocket of the motor domain, formed by the N-terminal domain, converter, and the calmodulin in the first IQ motif. We propose that binding of the GTD to the motor domain prevents the movement of the converter/lever arm during ATP hydrolysis cycle, thus inhibiting the chemical cycle of the motor domain.

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    ABSTRACT: Griscelli syndrome (GS) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder caused by mutations in either the myosin VA (GS1), RAB27A (GS2) or melanophilin (GS3) genes. The three GS subtypes are commonly characterized by pigment dilution of the skin and hair, due to defects involving melanosome transport in melanocytes. Here, we review how detailed studies concerning GS have contributed to a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in vesicle transport and membrane trafficking processes. Additionally, we demonstrate that the identification and biological analysis of novel disease-causing mutations highlighted the functional importance of the RAB27A-MLPH-MYO5A tripartite complex in intracellular melanosome transport. As the small GTPase Rab27a is able to interact with multiple effectors, including Slp2-a and Myrip, we report on their presumed role in melanosome transport. Furthermore, we summarize data suggesting that RAB27B and RAB27A are functionally redundant and hereby provide further insight into the pathogenesis of GS2. Finally, we discuss how the gathered knowledge about the RAB27A-MLPH-MYO5A tripartite complex can be translated into a possible therapeutic application to reduce (hyper)pigmentation of the skin.
    Pigment Cell & Melanoma Research 03/2009; 22(3):268-82. DOI:10.1111/j.1755-148X.2009.00558.x · 5.64 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Abetrad-A power conditioning system is a device used to izts ftmxtaonant circuits, the range of input voltage variatio~?s %sed by voltage sags or surges, transients, noise, or harmonic dmormns [121. This paper presents the developmnt of, to our knowledge. the only existing model for threephase power conditioning sys-tuns. It is shown, throu extensive computer simulations and labaratory tests, that the i-t veloptd model very closely mimics the of * model is verified in d Second. In this time period, the quaIity of power d e l i d t o t h e undsa both transient and stead state The term ringing is used to dewxibe the transient mated in the output v o l v following a sudden load drop. In a three-phase power cunditiomg system (pcs), such transients may last U to one consumers who .remain connected to the system is poor. "bo design 0118 which would reduce the ringing time arc sented in this papcr. One ofthe proposed modifications has E n successfully tested in the laboratory, Vrhilp the success of the othea has betn &monsuatcd through computer simulations.
    IEEE-IAS 1989 Annual Meeting; 01/1989