[Joint logbook of the GeSRU, DGU, and BDU for "Urological Continuing Education": a milestone for urological continuing education in Germany].

Urologische Klinik, Johanniter Krankenhaus, Oberhausen, Germany.
Der Urologe (Impact Factor: 0.46). 04/2008; 47(3):348-56. DOI: 10.1007/s00120-008-1628-2
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ABSTRACT Since the new Regulation on Continuing Education took effect, documentation of continuing education is obligatory. At the beginning of 2007, the German Society of Residents in Urology (GeSRU) together with the German Society of Urology (DGU) represented by Professor J. Fichtner initiated a project group with the goal of enhancing the transparency of urological continuing education, modernizing it, and implementing the new possibilities afforded by the new regulation on a nationwide level. Towards realizing this project, which was joined by the Federation of German Urologists (BDU) and the Working Group of Hospital Chiefs of Staff, a joint logbook was designed. In contrast to previously obtainable logbooks, the joint logbook offers, in addition to straightforward documentation of continuing education, a definitive, clear interview guide based on objective data analysis. It provides training in agreeing on sensible objectives, it contains a model curriculum in which continuing education can be systematically yet flexibly structured, and beyond the requirements needed for obtaining qualification as a specialist includes those entitling the physician to bill health insurance providers for urological services rendered as a private practitioner. The joint logbook is accepted as an all-in-one continuing education unit record by the medical associations, health insurance providers, and the European Board of Urology. It takes the form of a dual concept and is available in hard copy as a loose-leaf binder and in a constantly updated online version (

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    ABSTRACT: Over the past 2 years the majority of clinics in Germany had problems to find qualified personnel. This was the conclusion of a study by the Victoria Life Insurance and the FAZ Institute. The investigation was based on a survey of those responsible for personnel decisions in large business concerns and clinics in Germany. The main topics of the interviews were the insufficient professional perspectives, inadequate financial resources, family unfriendly working hours and continuously growing bureaucracy.
    Der Urologe 08/2009; 48(8):847-8, 850-1. · 0.46 Impact Factor
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    GMS Zeitschrift für medizinische Ausbildung. 01/2013; 30(4):Doc47.
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    ABSTRACT: Im Jahr 2003 wurde auf dem 106. Deutschen Ärztetag eine neue Musterweiterbildungsordnung beschlossen. Die Weiterbildung sollte übersichtlicher, die Ausbildungsziele klarer definiert werden. Es gibt keine einheitliche Weiterbildungsordnung für Deutschland. Die neue WBO verspricht hier mehr Übersichtlichkeit. In der neuen Weiterbildungsordnung sind die Anzahl der Einzeleingriffe und Untersuchungen nicht mehr präzisiert. Jetzt sollen inhaltlich zusammenhängende Operationsgruppen, die in einer bestimmten Mindestmenge erbracht werden, nachgewiesen werden – damit wäre sie auf eine Prozessorientierung abgestellt. Ausbilder und Auszubildende haben erstmalig die Möglichkeit, gemeinsam aktiv an dem Weiterbildungsprozess mitzuwirken. Das gemeinsame Logbuch „Urologische Weiterbildung“ von GeSRU, DGU und BDU ist ein Meilenstein in Deutschland. Die Ausbildung sollte über stetige Evaluierung kontinuierlich verbessert werden. During the 106th „Deutschen Ärztetag“ (German Medical Assembly) in 2003 new model further training regulations were finalized. Further training was to be more clearly arranged and the targets more clearly defined. There are no uniform training regulations for Germany. The new training regulations promise more clarity: the numbers of the individual interventions and investigations are no longer specified. Instead operation groups which are connected with respect to content and organization in a defined minimum are to be identified. The new further training regulations are geared to a process orientation. For the first time trainers and trainees have the possibility to actively work together in the further training process. The joint logbook“Urological further training” from the GeSRU (German Society of Residents in Urology), DGU (German Society for Urology) and BDU (Professional Association of German Urologists) is a milestone in Germany. The further training will be continuously improved through constant evaluation.
    Der Urologe 01/2009; 48(8):852-857. · 0.46 Impact Factor