[Fruit and vegetable beverages: advantages and disadvantages].

Clarisse, Muriel Giusti, Vittorio
Revue m├ędicale suisse 05/2008; 4(151):829-33.
Source: PubMed


In Switzerland, fruits and vegetables recommendations are of 600 gr per day. In reality, the average intake is about 60% of these recommendations, it means 380 gr per day. The use of products like fruits and vegetables shots could reduce the gap by making drinking easier. However, they cannot replace one hundred percent fresh food for their content in fibers and vitamin C are lower and they interfere with the physiology of the food intake (satiety). These products can have their importance in a various supply by taking the place of one fruit or vegetable portion. Another non negligible aspect is the price as if we consume these products over one week instead of fresh food, the difference would be of about CHF 30.- more.

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