Acousto-Optic Collinear Diffraction of Arbitrarily Polarized Light

Dept. of Physics, M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State Univ., Vorobyevy Gory, Bldg. 1, 119991 Moscow, Russian Federation, .
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (Impact Factor: 1.5). 06/2008; 123(5):3145. DOI: 10.1121/1.2933139
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ABSTRACT Acousto-optic collinear diffraction of light is a type of light scattering interesting as a physical phenomenon and important from practical point of view. This type of diffraction is used in tunable acousto-optic filters. In this case, the incident light has to be linearly polarized along one of the acousto-optic crystal anisotropy axes. If the incident light is not primordially polarized, a polarizer should be disposed at the input of the acousto-optic cell. Unfortunately, this leads to loss of half the light power. The present work is devoted to theoretical and experimental investigation of collinear acousto-optic interaction peculiarities that arise when the incident optical beam is not polarized. It is shown that the output diffraction spectrum in the general case contains four components which have different polarization and frequency. Beating of these components leads to modulation of light intensity passed through the output analyzer. In this work, dependences of modulation components amplitudes on frequency and power of the acoustic wave are examined for different polarizer and analyzer orientations.

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    ABSTRACT: We studied the change of light polarization which is produced by acoustic waves propagating in optically isotropic materials on incident arbitrary polarized light wavefronts. It is found that in relation to odd diffraction orders, shear waves always behave in exactly the same way as half-wave compensator plates do, while longitudinal waves present the same results only in the case that p11=-p12.
    Optics Communications 08/1973; 8(4):397-400. DOI:10.1016/0030-4018(73)90226-5 · 1.45 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Collinear diffraction of a strongly divergent optical beam by a monochromatic acoustic wave is investigated theoretically and experimentally. Three-dimensional patterns of acousto-optic (AO) phase matching are calculated and their transformation with varying acoustic frequency and ultrasound propagation direction is analysed. Two effects are discussed which appear at spectral collinear filtration of optical images, namely distortion of filtered image structure and spectral resolution deterioration. It is shown that the effects result in contradictory requirements on AO cell parameters. However, a compromise is possible which allows filtering of high-spatial-resolution images with an acceptable reduction in spectral resolution. Experimental results on diffraction of a strongly divergent He-Ne laser beam in a CaMoO4 AO cell are also presented in this paper.
    Journal of Optics A Pure and Applied Optics 06/2001; 3(4):S87. DOI:10.1088/1464-4258/3/4/365 · 1.92 Impact Factor
  • Optics and Spectroscopy 01/1993; 74:696-700. · 0.72 Impact Factor
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