The Reconstruction Problem and Weak Quantum Values

Journal of Physics A Mathematical and Theoretical (Impact Factor: 1.58). 12/2011; 45(11). DOI: 10.1088/1751-8113/45/11/115305
Source: arXiv


Quantum Mechanical weak values are an interference effect measured by the
cross-Wigner transform W({\phi},{\psi}) of the post-and preselected states,
leading to a complex quasi-distribution {\rho}_{{\phi},{\psi}}(x,p) on phase
space. We show that the knowledge of {\rho}_{{\phi},{\psi}}(z) and of one of
the two functions {\phi},{\psi} unambiguously determines the other, thus
generalizing a recent reconstruction result of Lundeen and his collaborators.

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