A longitudinal study of attempted religiously mediated sexual orientation change.

Office of Provost, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois 60187, USA.
Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy (Impact Factor: 1.27). 10/2011; 37(5):404-27. DOI: 10.1080/0092623X.2011.607052
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ABSTRACT The authors conducted a quasi-experimental longitudinal study spanning 6-7 years examining attempted religiously mediated sexual orientation change from homosexual orientation to heterosexual orientation. An initial sample was formed of 72 men and 26 women who were involved in a variety of Christian ministries, with measures of sexual attraction, infatuation and fantasy, and composite measures of sexual orientation and psychological distress, administered longitudinally. Evidence from the study suggested that change of homosexual orientation appears possible for some and that psychological distress did not increase on average as a result of the involvement in the change process. The authors explore methodological limitations circumscribing generalizability of the findings and alternative explanations of the findings, such as sexual identity change or adjustment.

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    ABSTRACT: This commentary highlights current policy issues affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people in the US with implications for mental and behavioral health care and social work services. These issues include conversion or reparative therapies, especially for young people, and conscience clauses that may exempt some students and practitioners from serving LGBTQ people and their families. While not a “policy” per se, emerging knowledge about health disparities that affect LGBTQ people will also be summarized because of its relevance to practice; many of these concern mental health and behavioral health. Finally, some resources for making health care organizations more responsive to the needs of LGBT people are identified.
    Clinical Social Work Journal 09/2013; 41(3). · 0.27 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: 同性婚姻是一個開創新類型家庭的社會革命。它顛覆了傳統婚姻觀,也企圖改變相關的法律制度。因為它同時點燃了期盼與憤怒,在美國,同性婚姻已成了社會分歧的爭議。基督宗教對婚姻的認知,一向左右著美國立法權規範婚姻的法律制定。因此這個文化翻轉也牽動著基督宗教社群內部倫理論述的調整,以及對外的政治參與。本文聚焦在同性婚姻支持者如何將合法化的訴求置於婚姻平等的歷史框架裡,並把現今正在進行的論戰連結到已被社會認定的「異族通婚」之歷史公案。社會歷史的進展與基督宗教的論述轉化也以相似的型態,在「同性婚姻」的論戰裡重演了一次。在經文證明、自然推論和重組詮釋的循環裡,基督宗教的左右兩翼在美國社會面對巨大變遷時,同時帶來了穩定與創新的能量。本文的分析將從社會歷史的角度,探討「婚姻平等」的框架如何成功的為同性婚姻支持者設定了一個有利的戰場,把少數人的權益轉變為多數人的關懷。最後,筆者就同性婚姻法與基督宗教立場在美國未來可能的走勢提出看法。
    「從基督教精神看性別平等法制—比較法的觀點」研討會, Taichung, Taiwan; 12/2011
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    ABSTRACT: Abstract This study reports the results of a comprehensive online survey of 1,612 current or former members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) many of whom engaged in psychotherapy in an effort to cope with (understand, accept, or change) their same-sex attractions. Data obtained from written and quantitative responses showed that therapy was initiated over a very wide age range and continued for many years. However, counseling was largely ineffective; less than 4% reported any modification of core same-sex erotic attraction. Moreover, 42% reported that their change-oriented therapy was "not at all effective," and 37% found it to be moderately to severely harmful. In contrast, affirming psychotherapeutic strategies were often found to be beneficial in reducing depression, increasing self-esteem, and improving family and other relationships. Our data suggest that the very low likelihood of a modification of sexual orientation and the ambiguous nature of any such change should be important considerations for highly religious sexual minority individuals considering reorientation therapy.
    Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy 05/2014; · 1.27 Impact Factor

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