[A new program of therapeutic education for obese patients].

Service d'enseignement thérapeutique pour maladies chroniques, Centre collaborateur de I'Organisation mondiale de la santé, Département de médecine communautaire et de premier recours HUG, 1211 Geneve 14.
Revue médicale suisse 03/2011; 7(288):695-6, 698-9.
Source: PubMed

ABSTRACT Obesity is a chronic disease which is increasing over the past thirty years. This disease is complex and its treatment is difficult and generally frustrating for the patients and the medical team because of a high risk of relapse. Indeed, a dietetic approach alone is most of the time not good enough to obtain a long-lasting weight loss; the few drugs on the market should also be prescribed as a part of a more global approach. A multidisciplinary approach with a long-standing follow-up including a cognitive-behavioral therapy coupled to a diet and physical activity is mandatory to avoid any weight regain. We propose a new multidisciplinary program of two years with in hospital-stay and ambulatory follow-up which is showing some promising results (90% of success at one year).