Optimal Location of FACTS Devices for Congestion Management in Deregulated Power Systems

International Journal of Computer Applications (Impact Factor: 0.82). 02/2011; DOI: 10.5120/2015-1833
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ABSTRACT In the emerging deregulated electric power market, congestion management becomes extremely important and it can impose barrier to electric power trading.,"There are two types of congestion management methodologies to relieve congestion in transmission lines. One is non-cost free methods and another is cost-free methods, among them later method relieves the congestion technically whereas the former is related more with the economics. In this paper congestion is relieved using cost free method. Among the various cost free methods, use of FACTS devices method is considered in this paper. The optimal location of TCSC and UPFC to relieve congestion in the network is proposed. In congestion management, the objective function is nonlinear hence for solving this function genetic algorithm (GA) technique is used. The above method is tested on IEEE 57-bus system and it can be readily extended to any practical systems."

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    ABSTRACT: In the present day scenario private power producers are increasing rapidly to meet the increase demand due to heavily loaded customers. In this above process, the existing transmission lines are over loaded and lead to unstable system. Overloading may also due to transfer of cheap power from generator bus to load bus. New transmission lines or FACTS devices on the existing transmission system can eliminate transmission over loading, but FACTS devices are preferred in the modern power systems based on its overall performance For last two decades researchers developed new algorithms and models for power flow and optimal power flow incorporating FACTS devices so that cheap power can be made available to the customers without violating system stability. Still research is in progress to meet the present day congestion management problem with help of FACTS devices efficiently. The purpose of this survey is to collect information from the previous literatures and to support researchers in the above field to carry out further research. Therefore, the authors presented a complete bibliography and survey on the area of optimal power flow incorporating FACTS devices up to date.
    Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition, 2003 IEEE PES; 10/2003

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