Teaching English Grammar Through Games

Studies in Literature and Language 01/2010;
Source: DOAJ

ABSTRACT This paper sought to review the literature on teaching English grammar encompassing an overview of grammar definitions and teaching grammar approaches, as well as definitions of games, classifications of games, the influence of using games on the language learners’ performance. Prior researches on teaching English grammar through games have also been examined.

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    ABSTRACT: The present study was intended to yield an ecological analysis of the role of role-play games on the degree of vocabulary learning and recall of the Iranian EFL pre-university students. To this end, forty students randomly selected from a range of pre-university students took part in an experiment. They were equally divided into the experimental and control groups. The control subjects received no treatment, whereas the experimental participants were assigned the responsibility of engaging in one role-play game after the teaching of the new vocabulary introduced in each lesson. Then, a 40-item vocabulary test was administered as a final teacher-made achievement test. The statistical t test results that were carried out with the SPSS Software indicated that there was a significant difference between the degree of the experimental participants' acquisition and recall of the vocabulary items as compared with the control participants' vocabulary recall performance. This was theoretically justified regarding the debates on the affordance of both activity and agency in the role-play gaming that accordingly augmented the degree of the experimental subjects' further engagement.
    06/2012; 2(6). DOI:10.4304/tpls.2.6.1276-1284


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