Inclusive Measurements of Inelastic Electron and Positron Scattering from Unpolarized Hydrogen and Deuterium Targets

Journal of High Energy Physics - J HIGH ENERGY PHYS 03/2011; 2011(5). DOI: 10.1007/JHEP05(2011)126
Source: arXiv

ABSTRACT Results of inclusive measurements of inelastic electron and positron
scattering from unpolarized protons and deuterons at the HERMES experiment are
presented. The structure functions $F_2^p$ and $F_2^d$ are determined using a
parameterization of existing data for the longitudinal-to-transverse
virtual-photon absorption cross-section ratio. The HERMES results provide data
in the ranges $0.006\leq x\leq 0.9$ and 0.1 GeV$^2\leq Q^2\leq$ 20 GeV$^2$,
covering the transition region between the perturbative and the
non-perturbative regimes of QCD in a so-far largely unexplored kinematic
region. They are in agreement with existing world data in the region of
overlap. The measured cross sections are used, in combination with data from
other experiments, to perform fits to the photon-nucleon cross section using
the functional form of the ALLM model. The deuteron-to-proton cross-section
ratio is also determined.

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    ABSTRACT: We use all the available new precise data for deep inelastic and related hard scattering processes to perform NLO global parton analyses. These new data allow an improved determination of partons and, in particular, the inclusion of the recent measurements of the structure functions at HERA and of the inclusive jets at the Tevatron help to determine the gluon distribution and alpha_S better than ever before. We find a somewhat smaller gluon at low x than previous determinations and that alpha_S(M_Z^2) = 0.119 +/- 0.002 (expt.) +/- 0.003 (theory).
    European Physical Journal C 10/2001; 23. · 5.25 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Measurements of the totel cross section for the processes e + p yields ; e' + n + pi /sup +/ and e + p yields e' + p + pi ° are reported for a ; wide range of center-of-mass energies and momentum transfers extending above the ; first pionnucleon resonance and to momentum transfers of 20 F⁻². Only the ; final electron is observed in this experiment. Results are analyzed in terms of ; nucleon form factors using experimental pion-nucleon phase shifts and the theory ; of Fubini, Nambu, and Wataghin. In general, the data seem consistent with ; current picture of nucleon structure, except for a preference for a negative ; rather than positive neutron-electric form factor, G/sub En/. It is demonstrated ; from the electron angular distribution for constant momentum transfer and ; constant center-of-mass energy that pion electroproduction does in fact occur ; primarily through transverse currents. The general form of the separation into ; transverse and scalar photons for inelastic or elastic electron scattering is ; discussed. In addition, an approximate formula for the background process of ; wide-angle bremsstrahlung is quoted which appears to be accurate to 1--2% over a ; very wide range of electron and photon energies when compared to a numerical ; computation by a digital computer. (auth);
    Physical Review - PHYS REV X. 01/1963; 129(4):1834-1846.
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    ABSTRACT: A fit to world data on the photon-proton cross section sigma L+T and the unpolarised structure function F2 is presented. The 23-parameter ALLM model based on Reggeon and Pomeron exchange is used. Cross section data were reconstructed to avoid inconsistencies with respect to R of the published F2 data base. Parameter uncertainties and correlations are obtained.

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