The role of transportation in the development of tourism in Nigeria

Tourismos 03/2011; 6(1).
Source: DOAJ


This paper examines the relationship between transportation and the development of tourism in Nigeria. An attempt is made to quantitatively test the relationship between presence of transportation (as measured by road connectivity, road condition) and tourism development (as measured by location national parks) in Nigeria. It was found out that there are eight national parks located in different states in Nigeria. The analysis was conducted at two levels, the disaggregate and the aggregate. In the aggregate case, indexes of road connectivity is related to levels of tourism development (as measured by locations of national parks) within Nigeria. In the analysis at the disaggregate level multiple linear regression was used to explains the relationship between development of tourism and indexes of road development. Also the percentage method was used to support the result of the analysis. A major finding of the study is that transportation is a significant determinant of tourism development in the Nigeria. However, other factors which include availability of recreational and social facilities and security also play positive role because they encourage patronage. It was also found out that some of the national parks are well connected while some are poorly connected. Importantly, those not well connected have large number of good games, have rich ecosystem and fauna. The conclusion arrived at is that transportation plays important role in the development of tourism in Nigeria. Other key role factors which require attention are finance, protection, security and recreational facilities for relaxation.

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