The Value of Cod Liver Oil and Tomato Juice in the Prophylaxis of Intestinal Tuberculosis.

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    ABSTRACT: 1. Seventy-two adult guinea pigs were fed tuberculous sputum daily for periods ranging from 6 weeks to 4 months. 2. Thirty-seven of these were maintained on a diet partially deficient in vitamin C; twenty-six developed ulcerative intestinal tuberculosis. 3. In the remaining thirty-five animals whose diet was supplemented by an adequate amount of vitamin C only two developed tuberculous ulcers in the intestines. 4. From these studies we conclude that the ingestion of tubercle bacilli by the guinea pig is not the sole factor in the production of intestinal tuberculosis. 5. In our opinion, an adequate supply of vitamin C usually protects the guinea pig against ulcerative intestinal tuberculosis.
    Journal of Experimental Medicine 09/1933; 58(4):503-12. DOI:10.1084/jem.58.4.503 · 12.52 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Some years ago, it occurred to us that the reason tuberculous enteritis was so generally fatal was the fact that it was impossible by any medical means to give the intestine sufficient functional rest to enable it to resist and possibly to recover from its tuberculous lesions. Archibald1 has shown what may be accomplished by proper surgical measures in carefully selected cases. For these reasons it has seemed to us wise to emphasize certain data, not particularly new, but certainly very little known, which may suggest the presence of tuberculosis of the large intestine, and thus aid in its early diagnosis. We shall not attempt to discuss the treatment of this condition, but refer those who are interested to Archibald's former article and to his forthcoming monograph on this subject. It might be added, however, that for surgical interference to be of any help, the diagnosis must be made
    Journal of the American Medical Association 73(2):77-85. DOI:10.1001/jama.1919.02610280003002


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