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A stilling basins are transition structures constructed to dissipate excess energy confined by high velocity flow at the outlet of conduit or tunnel so that the flow beyond the basin does not endanger the stability of bed and banks of downstream channel. In a stilling basin kinetic energy causes turbulences and it is ultimately lost as heat and sound energy. there are several types of stilling basins which are used in various hydraulic structures like dam, canal, culvert etc. The type of stilling basin most suitable at a particular location mainly depends upon initial Froude Number and initial velocity of flow. This paper covers design principles and features of various stilling basins used for outlet works.

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  • Journal of Hydraulic Engineering 07/1991; 117(7). DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)0733-9429(1991)117:7(929) · 1.62 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: This paper reports on model studies on energy dissipatorswhich were performed with a view towards developing a shorterand more efficient type of stilling basin for circular pipeoutlets at low Froude numbers. The stilling basin models weretested for two pipe outlet diameters. The outlet Froude numberfor testing ranged from 1.70 to 5.50. The studies reported inthis paper expand on the improvement suggested by Goel andVerma (1999). In all, 133 test runs were made on 19 newmodels. Various configurations of stilling basin models withdifferent sizes, shapes and locations of appurtenances andbasin lengths were tested. The use of a wedge-shaped splitterblock, an impact wall, and the use of wedge-shaped blocks asbaffle blocks resulted in efficient energy dissipation inshorter lengths of stilling basin. A non-dimensional numbertermed as scour index has been used to compare theperformances of various stilling basin models. It was foundthat the length of stilling basin could be reducedconsiderably without affecting the performance by choosing asuitable configuration of the stilling basin. Of theconfigurations tested, the stilling basin model M-24 with tworows of wedge-shaped baffle blocks in a basin length of sixtimes the diameter of pipe outlet (6d) performed better incomparison to USBR impact type VI stilling basin.
    Irrigation and Drainage Systems 01/2001; 15(1):81-91. DOI:10.1023/A:1017989028411
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