Estimate of Leaf Chlorophyll and Nitrogen Content in Asian Pear (Pyrus serotina Rehd.) by CCM-200

Notulae Scientia Biologicae 01/2011;
Source: DOAJ

ABSTRACT In many cases evaluation of chlorophyll and nitrogen content in plants need to destructive methods, more time and organic solvents. Application of chlorophyll meters save time and resources. The aim of this study was estimating of chlorophyll and nitrogen content in Asian pear leaves using non-destructive method and rapid quantification of chlorophyll by chlorophyll content meter (CCM-200). This study was conducted on 8 years old Asian pear trees during June 2008 in Tehran, Iran. To develop our regression model, the chlorophyll meter data were correlated with extracted chlorophyll and nitrogen content data obtained from DMSO and Kejeldal methods, respectively. The results showed that, there was positive and linear correlation between CCM-200 data and chlorophyll a (R²=0.7183), chlorophyll b (R²=0.8523), total chlorophyll (R²=0.90), and total nitrogen content (R²=0.76) in Asian pear leaves. Thus, it can be concluded that, CCM-200 can be used in order to predict both chlorophyll and nitrogen content in Asian pear leaves.

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    Plant physiology 02/1949; 24(1):1-15. · 6.56 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The aim was to determine chlorophyll content index (CCI) and leaf chlorophyll (Chl a) content of a rush, Juncus roemerianus, a grass Spartina alterniflora, and a tree, Rhizophora mangle, occurring in coastal wetlands. Mean CCI values were 11.98 in J. roemerianus, 29.87 in S. alterniflora, and 30.68 in R. mangle. Mean chlorophyll content was 8.85 µg/cm 2 in J. roemerianus, 9.72 µg/cm 2 in S. alterniflora, and 4.68 µg/cm 2 in R. mangle. Positive correlations between CCI and Chl a content were found for J. roemerianus (Chl a = 4.936 + 0.396 CCI), for S. alterniflora (Chl a = 3.429 + 0.208 CCI), and for R. mangle (Chl a = 1.406 + 0.099 CCI). The grass and mangrove with flat leaves showed better correlation between the CCI and Chl a content than the rush with cylindrical leaves.
  • The relationship between water status and chlorophyll a fluorescence in grapes (Vitis spp.) Estimating chlorophyll content from hyperspectral vegetation indices: Modeling and validation. H Wright, J Delong, R Lada, Prange . 113-117193.


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