Tecnologia e Meio Ambiente no Debate sobre os Limites do Crescimento: Notas à Luz de Contribuições Selecionadas de Georgescu-Roegen

Economia 01/2005; 6(2):435-461.
Source: RePEc

ABSTRACT These notes present an exposition of selected contributions to the “Limits to Growth” debate which took place in the late 1960’s and early 70’s, focusing especially on the authors’ points of view with regard to the relation between technology and environment. A brief introduction to the debated themes is accomplished through the analysis of contributions outside the economic field, mainly from original works by American biologists and well positioned groups of contributors. Propositions stated by economists from several theoretical affiliations are briefly presented. Finally, we try to interpret the observed questions in the light of Georgescu-Roegen’s ideas.

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    ABSTRACT: Environmentalism as a social and political movement mirrors the dualities existing within mankind generally in failing to connect desired aims with daily deeds. This is partly because environmentalism has emerged from two contrasting schools of thought, the one nature-orientated, the other centred on technique and mode of organisation. But it is also due to the takeover of much of environmentalist philosophy by groups, both well-meaning and selfish, who either fail to recognise their own hypocrises or simply shield narrow political aims with the amount of environmental morality. The potential for conflict is therefore great as new patterns of political and economic power emerge but cannot be accommodated by an existing order that finds compromise difficult.
    Environment and Planning A. 01/1977; 9(1):3-14.
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