Cultural characteristics and pathogenicity of the fungus that causes the chain leaf spot of sorghum

Fitopatología Venezolana 01/1990; 3(1):11-15.
Source: OAI


The causal fungus of the chain leaf spot of sorghum was isolated by superficial extension from a spore suspension obtained from small pieces of lesions placed on culture media to induce sporulation. Of 13 culture media tested for growth and sporulation of the fungus, V-8 juice agar, potato dextrose agar, and tomato juice agar plus calcium carbonate showed the best results. These media were adjusted to pH 6.0. The plates with the inoculated media were maintained under continuous cool white light at 25-30 °C and 45-70% RH during four days. In the pathogenicity tests was found that the fungus infected Sorghum bicolor, S. halepense and S. verticilliflorum, but no Zea mays.

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Available from: Mario José Garrido, Jun 08, 2015
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