On stochastic calculus related to financial assets without semimartingales

Bulletin des Sciences Mathématiques (Impact Factor: 0.73). 02/2011; 135(6). DOI: 10.1016/j.bulsci.2011.06.008
Source: arXiv

ABSTRACT This paper does not suppose a priori that the evolution of the price of a
financial asset is a semimartingale. Since possible strategies of investors are
self-financing, previous prices are forced to be finite quadratic variation
processes. The non-arbitrage property is not excluded if the class
$\mathcal{A}$ of admissible strategies is restricted. The classical notion of
martingale is replaced with the notion of $\mathcal{A}$-martingale. A calculus
related to $\mathcal{A}$-martingales with some examples is developed. Some
applications to no-arbitrage, viability, hedging and the maximization of the
utility of an insider are expanded. We finally revisit some no arbitrage
conditions of Bender-Sottinen-Valkeila type.

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    ABSTRACT: This article focuses on a new concept of quadratic variation for processes taking values in a Banach space $B$ and a corresponding covariation. This is more general than the classical one of M\'etivier and Pellaumail. Those notions are associated with some subspace $\chi$ of the dual of the projective tensor product of $B$ with itself. We also introduce the notion of a convolution type process, which is a natural generalization of the It\^o process and the concept of $\bar \nu_0$-semimartingale, which is a natural extension of the classical notion of semimartingale. The framework is the stochastic calculus via regularization in Banach spaces. Two main applications are mentioned: one related to Clark-Ocone formula for finite quadratic variation processes; the second one concerns the probabilistic representation of a Hilbert valued partial differential equation of Kolmogorov type.
    Metrika 01/2013; · 0.45 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper we study the forward integral of operator-valued processes with respect to a cylindrical Brownian motion. In particular, we provide conditions under which the approximating sequence of processes of the forward integral, converges to the stochastic integral process with respect to Sobolev norms of smoothness alpha < 1/2. This result will be used to derive a new integration by parts formula for the forward integral.

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