Determinantes del crecimiento económico del Ecuador bajo la Ley de Thirlwall

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Thirlwall (1979) argues that the development of a country depends of the rest of the world´s dynamics and the degree of imports openness, which implies that the growth is limited by the current account of the balance of payments. The aim of this study is to estimate the Thirlwall´s affirmation for the ecuadorian economy during the period 1972-2008, that is verified with the methods of cointegration and causality of temporal series, in which is demonstrated that the growth restricted by the balance of payments is nearly to the observed growth´s rate in the period above mentioned.

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    ABSTRACT: This paper analyzes the long-run (or steady state) behavior of the balance of payments and some related policy issues within the framework of a simple one-good, two-country growing world. It is shown that the current account need not be balanced in the steady state and its persistent imbalances are explained in terms of the basic structures of international economies. This paper also studies the policy game between national governments seeking to maximize the domestic consumption per capita in the steady state. The noncooperative equilibrium of this game is associated with the balance of payments equilibrium in the trade account. Moreover, it is shown to be the golden rule steady state, where the world consumption per capita is maximized.
    Journal of the Japanese and International Economies 02/1990; 4(3):292-308. DOI:10.1016/0889-1583(90)90027-4 · 0.40 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: This paper contains the likelihood analysis of vector autoregressive models allowing for cointegration. The author derives the likelihood ratio test for cointegrating rank and finds it asymptotic distribution. He shows that the maximum likelihood estimator of the cointegrating relations can be found by reduced rank regression and derives the likelihood ratio test of structural hypotheses about these relations. The author shows that the asymptotic distribution of the maximum likelihood estimator is mixed Gaussian, allowing inference for hypotheses on the cointegrating relation to be conducted using the Chi(" squared") distribution. Copyright 1991 by The Econometric Society.
    Econometrica 02/1991; 59(6):1551-80. DOI:10.2307/2938278 · 3.50 Impact Factor
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    Oxford Economic Papers 02/1982; 34(3):498-510. · 1.11 Impact Factor


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