The Gains from Variety in the European Union

Review of World Economics (Impact Factor: 0.78). 01/2010; DOI: 10.1007/s10290-012-0126-1
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ABSTRACT In this paper we examine the impact of membership in Preferential Trade Agreements (PTAs) on trade between PTA members. Rather than considering the impact of PTA membership on the volume of trade we consider the impact of membership on the structure of trade. For a large sample of countries over the period 1962-2000 we find that membership in a PTA is associated with an increase in the extent of intra-industry trade. In addition, we find that the effect of PTA membership on IIT is larger when a PTA is formed between two developed countries.

  • Econometrica. 71(6):1695-1725.
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    ABSTRACT: The paper rationalizes certain functional forms for index numbers with functional forms for the underlying aggregator function. An aggregator functional form is said to be ‘flexible’ if it can provide a second order approximation to an arbitrary twice diffentiable linearly homogeneous function. An index number functional form is said to be ‘superlative’ if it is exact (i.e., consistent with) for a ‘flexible’ aggregator functional form. The paper shows that a certain family of index number formulae is exact for the ‘flexible’ quadratic mean of order r aggregator function, defined by Den and others. For r equals 2, the resulting quantity index is Irving Fisher's ideal index. The paper also utilizes the Malmquist quantity index in order to rationalize the Törnqvist-Theil quantity indexin the nonhomothetic case. Finally, the paper attempts to justify the Jorgenson-Griliches productivity measurement technique for the case of discrete (as opposed to continuous) data.
    Journal of Econometrics 02/1976; 4(2):115-145. · 1.53 Impact Factor
  • Review of Economics and Statistics 02/1976; 58(2):223-28. · 2.66 Impact Factor


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