More on Massive 3D Supergravity

Classical and Quantum Gravity (Impact Factor: 3.56). 05/2010; DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/28/1/015002
Source: arXiv

ABSTRACT Completing earlier work on three dimensional (3D) N=1 supergravity with curvature-squared terms, we construct the general supergravity extension of cosmological massive gravity theories. We expand about supersymmetric anti-de Sitter vacua, finding the conditions for bulk unitarity and the critical points in parameter space at which the spectrum changes. We discuss implications for the dual conformal field theory. Comment: 53 pages, 1 figure

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    ABSTRACT: Scalar fields minimally coupled to General Relativity in three dimensions are considered. For certain families of self-interaction potentials, new exact solutions describing solitons and hairy black holes are found. It is shown that they fit within a relaxed set of asymptotically AdS boundary conditions, whose asymptotic symmetry group coincides with the one for pure gravity and its canonical realization possesses the standard central extension. Solitons are devoid of integration constants and their (negative) mass, fixed and determined by nontrivial functions of the self-interaction couplings, is shown to be bounded from below by the mass of AdS spacetime. Remarkably, assuming that a soliton corresponds to the ground state of the sector of the theory for which the scalar field is switched on, the semiclassical entropy of the corresponding hairy black hole is exactly reproduced from Cardy formula once nonvanishing lowest eigenvalues of the Virasoro operators are taking into account, being precisely given by the ones associated to the soliton. This provides further evidence about the robustness of previous results, for which the ground state energy instead of the central charge appears to play the leading role in order to reproduce the hairy black hole entropy from a microscopic counting.
    Journal of High Energy Physics 12/2011; 2012(2). · 5.62 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: We construct a new off-shell invariant in supergravity whose leading term is the square of the Riemann tensor. It contains a gravitational Chern–Simons term involving the vector field that belongs to the supergravity multiplet. The action is obtained by mapping the transformation rules of a spin connection with bosonic torsion and a set of curvatures to the fields of the Yang–Mills multiplet with gauge group SO(4, 1). We also employ the circle reduction of an action that describes locally supersymmetric Yang–Mills theory in six dimensions.
    Classical and Quantum Gravity 01/2011; 28(22). · 3.56 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: We present a complete solution of the constraints for three-dimensional N=2 conformal supergravity in terms of unconstrained prepotentials. This allows us to develop a prepotential description of the off-shell versions of N=2 Poincare and anti-de Sitter supergravity theories constructed in arXiv:1109.0496.
    Journal of High Energy Physics 09/2012; 2012(12). · 5.62 Impact Factor

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