Surface gravity and Hawking temperature from entropic force viewpoint

03/2010; DOI: 10.1142/S0217732310033979
Source: arXiv

ABSTRACT We consider a freely falling holographic screen for the Schwarzschild and Reissner-Nordstr\"om black holes and evaluate the entropic force \`a la Verlinde. When the screen crosses the event horizon, the temperature of the screen agrees to the Hawking temperature and the entropic force gives rise to the surface gravity for both of the black holes. Comment: 7 pages, 1 figure; RevTeX4

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    ABSTRACT: According to the formal holographic principle, a modification to the assumption of holographic principle in Verlinder's investigation of entropy force is obtained. A more precise relation between entropy and area in the holographic system is proposed. With the entropy corrections to the area-relation, we derivate Newton's laws and Einstein equation with a static spherically symmetric holographic screen. Furthermore we derived the correction terms to the modified Friedmann equation of the FRW universe starting from the holographic principle and the Debye model.
    Modern Physics Letters A 10/2010; 26. · 1.11 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: For a general maximally symmetric (spherically, plane or hyperbola symmetric) holographic screen, we rewrite the equations of motion of general Lovelock gravity into the form of some generalized first law of thermodynamics, under certain ansatz. With this observation together with other two independent ways, exactly the same temperature and entropy on the screen are obtained. So it is argued that the thermodynamic interpretation of gravity is physically meaningful not only on the horizon, but also on a general maximally symmetric screen. Moreover, the formula of entropy is further checked in the (maximally symmetric) general static case and dynamical case. The entropy formula also holds for those cases. Finally, the method of conical singularity is used to calculate the entropy on such screen, and the result again confirms the entropy formula.
    Journal of High Energy Physics 12/2010; 2011(1). · 5.62 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Considering the results from Ho\v{r}ava-Lifshitz (HL) theory, a more precise relation between the number of bits and area in the holographic system is proposed. With this corrected relation and Debye model, two modified Friedmann equations are derived from the Hawking temperature and the Unruh temperature separately in entropic force. These equations could be better in describing the whole evolution of the universe.
    International Journal of Modern Physics D 07/2010; 20. · 1.03 Impact Factor


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