On the decomposition of connected graphs into their biconnected components

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ABSTRACT We give a recursion formula to generate all equivalence classes of biconnected graphs with coefficients given by the inverses of the orders of their groups of automorphisms. We give a linear map to produce a connected graph with say, u, biconnected components from one with u-1 biconnected components. We use such map to extend the aforesaid result to connected or 2-edge connected graphs. The underlying algorithms are amenable to computer implementation.

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    ABSTRACT: We use the Hopf algebra structure of the time-ordered algebra of field operators to generate all connected weighted Feynman graphs in a recursive and efficient manner. The algebraic representation of the graphs is such that they can be evaluated directly as contributions to the connected n-point functions. The recursion proceeds by loop order and vertex number.
    Journal of Mathematical Physics 08/2006; · 1.30 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: I discuss the general principles underlying quantum field theory, and attempt to identify its most profound consequences. The deepest of these consequences result from the infinite number of degrees of freedom invoked to implement locality. I mention a few of its most striking successes, both achieved and prospective. Possible limitations of quantum field theory are viewed in the light of its history.
    Review of Modern Physics 04/1998; · 44.98 Impact Factor
  • Journal Fur Die Reine Und Angewandte Mathematik - J REINE ANGEW MATH. 01/1869; 1869(70):185-190.


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