Gibberellin Alleviation of NaCl Salinity in Chickpea ( Cicer arietinum L.)

Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 03/2001; DOI: 10.3923/pjbs.2001.378.380
Source: DOAJ

ABSTRACT The effect of GA3 on germination and growth of two chickpea varieties i.e. C44 and Paidar 91 under different levels of NaCl salinity was studied. A gradual reduction in germination percentage plumule and radicle length and fresh and dry weights of plumule and radicle was observed under salt stress. GA3 treatment increased germination percentage under salt stress. It also improved fresh and dry weights of plumule and radicle along with an increase in their lengths. Significant results were obtained for all growth parameters except number of branches. Plant height and fresh and dry weight of shoot decreased under salinity stress. Application of 20 mg -1 1 gibberellic acid compensated this adverse effect of salinity. The efficiency of gibberellic acid to mitigate the effect of salinity reduced with rise in salinity level.