Factors determining health seeking behaviour for sick children in a fishermen community in Pondicherry

Indian Journal of Community Medicine 01/2007; DOI: 10.4103/0970-0218.53411
Source: DOAJ
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    ABSTRACT: Purpose: To explore the rural-urban differentials with respect to treat-ment seeking behaviour and cost incurred for Acute Respiratory Infec-tion (ARI) among under-five children. Methodology: A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted in Puducherry among 270 under-five children. Data on treatment seeking behaviour and cost incurred was collected from the parents using a semi-structured questionnaire. Results: The perceived severity of ARI episode was significantly higher among rural areas compared to urban (p=0.04). For consultation, major-ity preferred the government sector (63%) in rural and private sector in urban areas (51.2%). Main reasons for preferring type of consultation were proximity (61.1%) and trust (51.2%) in rural and urban areas respec-tively. Rural parents were significantly less satisfied with outside consul-tation (p=0.003). Home remedies were preferred by 17.9% and 10% par-ents in rural and urban areas respectively. Median direct cost incurred in both areas was Rs 250. Conclusion: Differences in treatment seeking behaviour should be kept in mind while designing interventions.
    National Journal of Community Medicine. 09/2014; 5(3):325-8.