[Viral encephalitis in puerperium period--case report].

Uniwersytet Medyczny w Bialymstoku, Klinika Chorób Zakaznych i Neuroinfekcji.
Polski merkuriusz lekarski: organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego 05/2010; 28(167):401-3.
Source: PubMed

ABSTRACT Herpetic encephalitis (HSE) is one of the most severe infections of Central Nervous System (CNS). If not treated, it results in patient's death in 70% cases, although in properly treated cases the mortality rate is 30%. The most endangered group are patients with immunosuppression, including pregnant women and women in the peripartum period. We present a case of a young woman in puerperium period, who developed herpetic encephalitis. Despite proper treatment patient required long term hospitalization in ICU, where she was placed in pharmacological coma. Despite severe course of the disease no neurological sequelae were observed. The aim of this paper was to emphasize the necessity of immediate antiviral therapy with Acyclovir in all cases suspected of HSE. Additionaly HSE may progress rapidly and ICU treatment should be considered.