Introducción a la evaluación a la amenaza sísmica en Venezuela : acciones de mitigación / José Grases Galofré

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    ABSTRACT: This paper discusses the need to revise historical seismicity in Venezuela, from a different perspective from that used to compile existing seismic catalogues, with an interpretation which attempts to be more precise than that shown in isoseismic curves assigned to the most important earthquakes. From this point of view, it is considered that the great majority of previous studies have focused on describing events such as magnitude and epicentral location, rather than considering the fact that the great earthquakes do not always damage cities in the same way. This heterogeneity as regards earthquake effects is the result of the difference between places (local conditions), regions (general morphology), constructions (historical and social conditions in materials and construction types used) and cultural relationships with the environment, which means a fundamental heterogeneity in local and infrastructural conditions when the seismic waves come. We propose a review and search for this kind of data on order to validate and check them against current information (geological, geomorphological, seismological, historical, architectural), to thus lead historical seismology towards better research methodologies including greater multidisciplinary integration.
    Revista de la Facultad de Ingenieria 12/2006; 21(4):117-127.