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Light flicker of fluorescent lamps with different types of ballasts caused by interharmonics

Brno Univ. of Technol., Brno
DOI: 10.1109/PTC.2005.4524419 Conference: Power Tech, 2005 IEEE Russia
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT The paper presents an analysis of the voltage fluctuations caused by interharmonics and its influence on luminous flux fluctuations of used combinations of fluorescent lamps and ballasts. One of the analysis results is a concept determining light sources sensitivity to such disturbing type based on frequency components utilization. Further a complex measured data file of sensitivity curves in various combinations of fluorescent lamps and ballasts are pointed. Measured and compared combinations include various types of fluorescent lamps, various wattages, modes of operation of the ballast and its specific designs and dimensioning of circuit elements etc.

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    ABSTRACT: The paper is focused on design, realization, verification and utilization of a light-flickermeter simulating response of an average observer on disturbing light flicker under specific conditions. The design of the light-flickermeter is based on standard IEC flickermeter measuring scheme where the measuring chain does not include model of the reference incandescent bulb and where irradiance (radiant flux) waveform produced by any lamp is measured and analyzed. It means that this type of flickermeter output is expected to be independent on a light source type producing light flicker. The developed instrument evaluates measured luminous flux fluctuation utilizing appropriate hardware and signal processing by means of virtual instrumentation in LabView. Results of the flickermeter verification then advanced performance analysis and utilization for measurement of various lamps sensitivity or immunity to different kind of voltage disturbances are shown and discussed.
    Applied Measurements for Power Systems (AMPS), 2012 IEEE International Workshop on; 01/2012
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    ABSTRACT: The paper is focused on realization and verification of a Voltage Peak Detection (VPD) flickermeter. The design of the VPD flickermeter is based on the removal of the quadratic demodulator from the standard IEC flickermeter scheme and replacement with a new type of demodulation. The aim of this modification is to obtain improved response to high frequency interharmonics in the power supply voltage. High frequency interharmonics can cause flickering of many types of lamps except standard incandescent one and the standard flickermeter cannot catch it. The instrument implementation and performance is described and results of compliance test are shown. Standardize verification is performed by means of tests and requirements defined in the standard IEC 61000-4-15. The performance in the real deployment was tested by a set of tests focused mainly on cumulative disturbances including interharmonic distortion and by a long time measurement in the supply network with the simultaneous deployment of other flickermeter types. The results of all measurements are compared and discussed.
    Applied Measurements for Power Systems (AMPS), 2012 IEEE International Workshop on; 01/2012
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    ABSTRACT: Modeling the luminous flux of typical Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) is considered for Light Flicker studies. A simple model of typical CFL with integrated Electronic Ballast of input power up to 25 W is proposed. The model performance is verified for supply voltage distorted by interharmonics. The results of numerical simulations are shown and are compared with experimental measurements.
    Harmonics and Quality of Power (ICHQP), 2012 IEEE 15th International Conference on; 01/2012