Widely tunable microwave phase shifter based on silicon-on-insulator dual-microring resonator.

DTU Fotonik, Department of Photonics Engineering, Technical University of Denmark,Build. 343, DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark.
Optics Express (Impact Factor: 3.53). 03/2010; 18(6):6172-82. DOI: 10.1364/OE.18.006172
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ABSTRACT We propose and demonstrate tunable microwave phase shifters based on electrically tunable silicon-on-insulator microring resonators. The phase-shifting range and the RF-power variation are analyzed. A maximum phase-shifting range of 0-600 degrees is achieved by utilizing a dual-microring resonator. A quasi-linear phase shift of 360 degrees with RF-power variation lower than 2dB and a continuous 270 degrees phase shift without RF-power variation at a microwave frequency of 40GHz are also demonstrated.

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    ABSTRACT: We introduce a new principle that enables separate control of the amplitude and phase of an optical carrier, simply by controlling the power of two stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) pumps. This technique is used to implement a microwave photonic phase shifter with record performance, which solves the bandwidth limitation of previous gain-transparent SBS-based phase shifters, while achieving unprecedented minimum power fluctuations, as a function of phase shift. We demonstrate 360° continuously tunable phase shift, with less than 0.25 dB output power fluctuations, over a frequency band from 1.5 to 31 GHz, limited only by the measurement equipment.
    Optics Letters 10/2014; 39(20). · 3.39 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: A phase-interrogation approach for the bulk refractive index sensing based on a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) ring resonator is introduced. The rapid phase variation around the resonance of the ring resonator is interrogated, and a single-sideband generation and coherent detection technology is adopted for the phase measurement. In the proposed approach, most of the intensity noise can be shielded, which leads to an ultra-stable reading for the phase signals. A sensitivity of $6times 10^{3} hbox{rad/RIU}$ and a detection limit of $2.5times 10^{-6} hbox{RIU}$ are demonstrated.
    IEEE Photonics Journal 10/2014; 6(5):1-7. · 2.33 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: We present the first microwave photonic phase shifter using stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) on-chip. The unique ability of SBS to generate both narrowband gain and loss resonances allows us to achieve low ±1.5 dB amplitude fluctuations, which is a record for integrated devices, along with 240° continuously tunable phase shift. Contrary to previous SBS-based approaches, the phase shift tuning mechanism relies on tuning the power, not the frequency, of two SBS pumps, making it more suited to on-chip implementations. We finally demonstrate that SBS pump depletion leads to amplitude response fluctuations, as well as increasing the insertion loss of the phase shifter. Advantageously, shorter integrated platforms possess higher pump depletion thresholds compared to long fibers, thus offering greater potential for reducing the insertion loss.
    Optics Express 11/2014; 22(23). · 3.53 Impact Factor

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