[Health effects of formaldehyde, as an indoor air pollutant].

Hazard Evaluation & Epidemiology Research Group, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Nagao 6-21-1, Tama-ku, Kawasaki 214-8585, Japan.
Kaibogaku Zasshi 03/2010; 85(1):35-41.
Source: PubMed


Formaldehyde is an important chemical used widely by industry in numerous household products. Therefore, when room ventilation is inadequate, formaldehyde may stagnate in rooms and adversely affect the health of inhabitants. Exposure to formaldehyde in living space has been found to be associated with asthma and 'sick house syndrome' (health disturbances induced by chemical contaminants in domestic environments). In addition, formaldehyde exposure among medical students and teachers who dissect cadavers in the gross anatomy laboratory likely causes a health problem. Avoidance of formaldehyde exposure can reduce the incidence and severity of ill-health conditions, although the ability of low concentrations of formaldehyde to trigger mechanisms contributing to them is still debated. Setting appropriate exposure limits for formaldehyde as an indoor environmental pollutant requires further quantitative and predictive evaluation of its health effects.

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