Analisis Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Perkembangan Investasi di Kota Medan

Source: OAI


000501002 Investment has a big role in real sector of Indonesia Economy, especially Medan City's to recover from economic crises bringing suffer to Indonesia population. This writing analyzes investment by investor in two approaches and describes several factors which influence it. The factors, such as, Gross Regional. Domestic Product, and Interest Rate, affect investment in different ways, respectively. Interest rate has a negative Correlation with investment. It means that the rising of interest rate causes investment by investor tend to decline or the low of Interest Rate will make investment raise. Whereas, Gross Regional Domestic Product has positive. It shows the increase of Gross Regional Domestic Product.cause investment by investor raise. Non-economic factors such as, Indonesian stability and sociopolitic, influence investment. The worse the noneconomic factors cause the more decrease in investment. So, government must keep the Indonesia stability being stable. Drs. Jonathan Sinuhaji

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