The Relationship among Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, and Organizational Performance

International Journal of Business and Management 03/2009; DOI: 10.5539/ijbm.v4n4p64
Source: DOAJ

ABSTRACT Knowledge management (KM) and organizational performance are believed to be essential of the success in business. The different results in literatures which declare KM affects organizational performance positively. But there are still some confusing relations between KM and organizational learning (OL). Accordingly, we propose some hypotheses to verify relationships among KM, organizational performance, and organizational learning (OL). Base on a sample of Taiwan knowledge-intensive firms engaged in manufacturing, and financial sectors, data are collected using a mail survey, and hypotheses are tested using structural equation modeling. This paper presents OL as a coordinating mechanism, and the results support it in these samples. Empirical evidence also supports the perspective that KM affects organizational performance through OL. This paper is one of the empirical supports for the role of OL as a mediator between KM and organizational performance. Therefore, the positioning of OL as a mediator is also an important contribution to our thinking on this topic.



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