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ABSTRACT En este artículo se presenta la estimación del poder de mercado en la industria farmacéutica colombiana durante 1982 - 2004. El resultado se compara con las estimaciones realizadas para los Estados Unidos y Finlandia. La conclusión fundamental es la confirmación de la existencia de poder de mercado, al estimarse un índice de Lerner mayor que cero y un markup de Hall mayor que uno; la estimación es equivalente al 0.92 y 0.95 del poder presente en Estados Unidos y Finlandia, respectivamente.

  • Review of Economics and Statistics 08/1957; 39(3). DOI:10.2307/1926047 · 2.66 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: An examination of data on output and labor input reveals that some U.S. industries have marginal cost well below price. The conclusion rests on the finding that cyclical variations in labor input are small compared with variations in output. In booms, firms produce substantially more output and sell it for a price that exceeds the costs of the added inputs. This paper documents the disparity between price and marginal cost, where marginal cost is estimated from annual variations in cost. It considers a variety of explanations of the findings that are consistent with competition, but none is found to be completely plausible. Copyright 1988 by University of Chicago Press.
    Journal of Political Economy 02/1988; 96(5):921-47. DOI:10.1086/261570 · 2.90 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: This contribution estimates the price-cost margin in the Finnish pharmaceutical industry. The estimation is based on the method developed by Hall who shows that under constant returns to scale total factor productivity growth depends on the growth of output-capital ratio if the market is imperfectly competitive. Measurement of the price-cost margin is based on this theoretical result. We utilize data on the Finnish pharmaceutical industry. The data cover the years 1975-1999 and include information on output, labor hours, and capital stock. The results show that the estimated price-cost margin is in the range 0.59-0.67, which is close to the estimates obtained in the United States market.
    The European Journal of Health Economics 07/2004; 5(2):122-8. DOI:10.1007/s10198-003-0212-3 · 2.10 Impact Factor

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