Conference Proceeding

FDTD-SUPML simulation of photonic integrated circuits

Sch. of Comput. Sci., Wuhan Univ., China;
Gastroenterology 09/2005; DOI:10.1109/ISEMC.2005.1513566 ISBN: 0-7803-9380-5 In proceeding of: Electromagnetic Compatibility, 2005. EMC 2005. 2005 International Symposium on, Volume: 2
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT Accurate modeling of photonic integrated circuits (PIC) is essential for development of high performance optical components. In this work, a finite difference time domain method (FDTD), combined with a simplified uniaxial perfectly matched layer boundary condition is presented to efficiently analyze light propagation in PIC. The FDTD-SUPML formulation can be easily applied to complex optical components. Numerical examples illustrate that this combined approach gives high accuracy.

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Hai Lin