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Traffic grooming for WDM rings using optical burst transport

Stanford Univ., CA, USA
Conference: Optical Fiber Communication Conference, 2005. Technical Digest. OFC/NFOEC, Volume: 6
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT For WDM rings, we propose a sub-lambda traffic grooming scheme, which we term optical burst transport (OBT). To demonstrate its scalability and performance, we investigate the operational issues, and discuss an OBT prototype implementation.

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    ABSTRACT: The widespread deployment of WDM optical networks posts lots of new challenges to network designers. Traffic grooming is one of the most common and interesting problems. Efficient grooming of traffic can effectively reduce the overall cost of the network. But unfortunately, it has been shown to be NP-hard. Therefore, new heuristics must be devised to tackle them. Among those approaches, metaheuristics are probably the most promising ones. In this chapter, we present a thorough and comprehensive discussion on various metaheuristic approaches to the grooming of traffic in both static and dynamic patterns in WDM optical networks. Some future challenges and research directions are also discussed in this chapter.
    07/2007: pages 95-137;
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    ABSTRACT: In the paper, we propose a N-policy working vacation scheme cyclic polling system for WDM. This system consists of multi-queues (terminals) whose service rates are one of the fast speed and lower speed. The fast speed mode moves cyclically from queue to queue with N-policy. Using the decomposition approach, each queue is analyzed as a single server queue with N-policy working vacation, which works at a different rate, rather than completely stops during the vacation polling period. Using quasi birth and death chain and matrix geometric solution method, we give some performance parameters, such as the mean number and mean waiting time of packet in the queue, the mean throughput. Finally, we analyze the effect of the parameters on the mean waiting time and mean throughput through numerical examples.
    Communication Software and Networks, International Conference on. 01/2009;
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    ABSTRACT: Optical burst transport (OBT), a novel WDM ring network, is a promising contender for the new metropolitan area network. In this paper, we investigate the spatial reuse property of the OBT, which is able to significantly improve the network performance.
    Optical Fiber Communication Conference, 2006 and the 2006 National Fiber Optic Engineers Conference. OFC 2006; 04/2006