[Primary myxoma of the pulmonary artery. Clinical report].

Departamento de Cardiologia do Centro Hospitalar de Vila Nova de Gaia.
Revista portuguesa de cirurgia cardio-toracica e vascular: orgao oficial da Sociedade Portuguesa de Cirurgia Cardio-Toracica e Vascular 16(3):135-7.
Source: PubMed


The cardiac myxoma is a benign clinical entity, characterised by the growth of a gelatinous mass composed by primary connective tissue and stroma, representing the most common cardiac tumour. Usually found within one of the cardiac chambers, it affects the left atrium in 75% of the cases. Rare cases in literature describe extra-cardiac locations of myxomas. In this paper, the authors report the clinical case of a patient with a primary myxoma of the pulmonary artery.

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