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Simple type theory: simple steps towards a formal specification

Dept. of Comput. & Software, McMaster Univ., Hamilton, Ont., Canada
DOI: 10.1109/FIE.2004.1408559 Conference: Frontiers in Education, 2004. FIE 2004. 34th Annual
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT Engineers, particularly software engineers, need to know how to read and write precise specifications. Specifications are made precise by expressing them in a formal mathematical language. Simple type theory, also as known as higher-order logic, is an excellent educational and practical tool for creating and understanding formal specifications. It provides a better logical foundation for specification than first-order logic and is a better introductory specification language than industrial specification languages like VDM-SL and Z. For these reasons, we recommend that simple type theory be incorporated into the undergraduate engineering curriculum.

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    ABSTRACT: In order to apply advanced high-level concepts for transportation networks, like hypergraphs, multi-level wayfinding and traffic forecasting, to commercially available street network datasets, it is often necessary to generalise from network primitives. However, the appropriate method of generalisation strongly depends on the complex street network feature they belong to. In this paper, we develop formal expressions for road segments and some essential types of roads, like roundabouts, dual carriageways and freeways. For this purpose, a formal network language is developed, which allows a clear distinction among the geometrical network, its embedding into the Euclidian plane, as well as navigational constraints for a traffic mode.
    Spatial Information Theory, 8th International Conference, COSIT 2007, Melbourne, Australia, September 19-23, 2007, Proceedings; 01/2007
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    Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe -AGILE-: 10th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science 2007; 01/2007


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