La ética y el medio ambiente

Ciencias 01/2008;
Source: DOAJ

ABSTRACT Se discuten algunos conceptos fundamentales para comprender la ética del medio ambiente y se hace un recorrido por diferentes concepciones del mundo y la relación del hombre con la naturaleza. Como una conclusión, resulta necesario promover la discusión y el debate de problemas y enfoques éticos en la sociedad para poder tener una relación adecuada con el entorno natural y lograr así el bienestar humano.

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Available from: José Antonio González-Oreja, Jun 20, 2015
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    ABSTRACT: Notwithstanding that systematic knowledge of biodiversity is an essential element in the rational management of biotic resources, financial support for biological inventaries and the number of practizing taxonomists have both declined in the recent past, which have provoked a generalized lack of knowledge on the magnitude, identity and distribution of biodiversity: the “taxonomic impediment”. How to enjoy and protect biodiversity if we do not know what is out there to enjoy and protect? In a world that is loosing species at a rate 100-1,000 times faster than background extinction rates, and that is in the middle of the Sixth Extinction, it is imperative to promote the sustained formation and employment of qualified taxonomists, and to fund the systematic research of biodiversity. Some of the proposed solutions are discussed through the text, like internet-based megaproyects (All-Species, Species 2000 or Tree of Life), as are the reasons that justify such necessity (instrumental values, inherent values, and so on). Our own survival as a species is based on our understanding of a tiny fraction of the total biological diversity, since only from 1.5 to 2 x 106 species have been described, out from a total estimated between 3.6 and 100 x 106. Which opportunities aren’t we missing due to our manifest ignorance?