Diagnóstico de seguridad e higiene del trabajo listados de verificación basados en la normatividad mexicana

e-Gnosis Num.004 01/2006;
Source: OAI

ABSTRACT The health and safety of an individual are basic for a fulfilling life, and in consequence, a top performance in different fields: personal, family, labor and social life. The value of knowing more about health and safety is that these provide useful knowledge and behaviors that can be applied immediately everywhere. This document presents prevention as a premise to prevent accidents and occupational diseases, indicating how unsafe conditions, unsafe actions and exposure to labor environmental agents are the causes of labor risks that cause the death of two million workers worldwide every year. Labor Safety and Labor Hygiene are the sciences in charge of reducing and eliminating these risks, and their methodologies imply risk prevention, identification, evaluation and risk control. Many organizations face difficulties to start Safety and Hygiene activities since they do not have trained personnel, seeing compliance of the regulations to be followed as difficult and costly. This paper presents a procedure to assess the workplace using approved checklists used as guides to identify unsafe conditions and environmental agents. These checklists are obtained from the corresponding Mexican regulation. The purpose of the diagnose is to present preventive and corrective actions, prioritize, schedule, budget and execute these actions, to facilitate the start up or continuing a systematic effort for the continuous improvement of labor safety, and as a result its quality, productivity and competitiveness

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