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Submicron scaling InP/InGaAs single heterojunction bipolar transistor technology with fT > 400 GHz for >100 GHz applications

Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Illinois Univ., Urbana, IL, USA
DOI: 10.1109/GAAS.2003.1252397 Conference: Gallium Arsenide Integrated Circuit (GaAs IC) Symposium, 2003. 25th Annual Technical Digest 2003. IEEE
Source: IEEE Xplore


We describe a high-speed triple metal InP SHBT technology in this paper. With respect to scaling, we have measured fT from 300 GHz to 450 GHz, and fMAX from 200 GHz to 380 GHz. The proposed technology also features triple metal interconnections, MIM capacitors and NiCr thin film resistors. A CML static frequency divider is designed and simulated from DC to 122 GHz toggling rate at a power consumption of 141 mW.

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    ABSTRACT: Single heterojunction bipolar transistors (SHBTs) with cutoff frequencies as high as 520 GHz operating at current densities over 1400 kA/cm<sup>2</sup> have been demonstrated. We compare state-of-the-art HBT technologies, focusing on the aspects of scalability and speed, breakdown voltage, thermal properties, and the demands future applications will require from these high-performance devices.
    Indium Phosphide and Related Materials, 2004. 16th IPRM. 2004 International Conference on; 07/2004
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    ABSTRACT: Aggressively scaled type-I and type-II InP-based single and double-heterojunction bipolar transistor technologies are compared for ultrahigh-speed digital applications. Device and circuit figures-of-merit, as well as thermal characteristics are studied on the basis of improved hydrodynamic (HD) device models. Device simulations were calibrated against experimental device data for 80 Gb/s operation, and circuit simulations checked for validity against real circuit prototypes. The excellent agreement was used as the basis for performance optimization and scaling, and ensures our study if firmly grounded in reality. The investigation provides a needed perspective on the relative impact of device figures-of-merit, band structure, breakdown voltage, and material properties on the ultimate performance of practical digital circuits: We show that the type-II DHBTs appear to be the most promising technological approach to achieve multiplexer bit rates towards 300 Gb/s with realistic scaling parameters.
    Solid-State Electronics 06/2007; 51(6-51):842-859. DOI:10.1016/j.sse.2007.04.005 · 1.50 Impact Factor

  • Comprehensive Semiconductor Science and Technology, Edited by Editors-in-Chief: Pallab Bhattacharya and Roberto Fornari and and Hiroshi Kamimura, 01/2011: pages 114 - 175; Elsevier., ISBN: 9780444531537