Single-feed dual-frequency dual-polarized slotted square microstrip antenna

Microwave and Optical Technology Letters (Impact Factor: 0.59). 01/2000; DOI: 10.1002/(SICI)1098-2760(20000620)25:63.3.CO;2-Y
Source: OAI

ABSTRACT A novel dual frequency dual-polarized square microstrip patch antenna embedded with a slot is presented. The proposed antenna offers tunability of the frequency ratio between the two frequencies by adjusting the slot dimensions. This configuration also provides a size reduction up to -51 and 35% for the two modes as compared to a square micro strip patch antenna

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    ABSTRACT: Dual-frequency patch antennas may provide an alternative to large bandwidth planar antennas, in applications in which large bandwidth is really needed for operating at to separate transmit-receive bands. When the two frequencies are far apart, a dual frequency patch structure can be conceived to avoid the use of separate antennas. In this paper the multiport analysis is coupled with an intelligent fuzzy method, to design dual-band microstrip antennas with shorting strips. An efficient CAD tool is proposed to design this type of antennas. Simulation results are compared to the results obtained by the FEM-based software, HFSS and the experimental results are also included.
    Communication Networks and Services Research Conference, 2005. Proceedings of the 3rd Annual; 06/2005
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    ABSTRACT: A novel dual frequency, dual polarized operation of a compact single feed square microstrip patch antenna embedded with a hexagonal slot is presented. The proposed antenna provides a size reduction up to 45% and 36% for the two resonant frequencies compared to standard rectangular patches. This design also gives enhanced bandwidth, as high as 2.86% and 2.34%, for the two frequencies with a very low operating frequency ratio.
    Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium, 2004. IEEE; 07/2004
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    ABSTRACT: A very brief and comprehensive survey of developments in antenna design at Centre for Research in Electromagnetics and Antennas for the last decade is presented in this article. The first part of the article deals with the contributions in the area of microstrip antennas while the second part concentrates on the recent trends in antenna research for UWB, WLAN applications.
    Applied Electromagnetics Conference, 2007. AEMC 2007. IEEE; 01/2008


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